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hot93.7 hot jam 5 concert!!!   
Saturday, June, 3rd 2006 ♥ 7:42pm
mood: tired
omg last time was awesome
went to the hot jam concert with my bro the people that were in it was dmx, bow wow, sean paul, cham, juelz santana, mobb deep, chris brown, and ne-yo. everyone was so excited when mobb deep came up and was about to the best song ever but all of a sudden when mobb deep was about to start singing he was like sry we got to go and so everyone started to booo for like 5 mins even me and my bro
we got home kinda early around midnight so we missed a lil do dmx cuz my bro wanted to leave cuz he had to get up early in the morning for work

well i think i'm going to take a nap cuz my mom woke me up early to go sale shopping and like just got home
(want my autobiOgraphy)
Thursday, March, 24th 2005 ♥ 6:08pm
(4) (want my autobiOgraphy)
Saturday, March, 12th 2005 ♥ 9:02pm
(2) (want my autobiOgraphy)